Stretching is very different from the warm-up exercise that many bodybuilders usually perform. After proper stretching before the main exercise, it is found that stretching exercises are very beneficial for relaxing muscles and increasing the flexibility of lifting weights. Stretching exercises can help avoid injuries during exercise. Numerous studies of active athletes have shown that stretching is the first action in the exercise program, which can help lengthen the muscle groups you are training. Therefore, it is important for bodybuilders to develop the habit of proper stretching exercises for each muscle group they plan to exercise throughout the day.

These stretching exercises should be done immediately after your warm-up, just before a large-scale resistance movement was planned that day. Physiologists recommend repeating stretching after performing basic resistance exercises to increase the nerve sensibility of the muscle group, improve blood circulation and eliminate waste in the cells, and ultimately speed up the recovery of the muscle group. After strenuous exercise, it is important not to perform strenuous exercise on tight muscles to avoid damage to tendons, tissues, and fibers. Appropriate warm-up and stretching exercises. This makes the target muscle group warm, flexible, responsive, flexible, and relaxed. This state of sensitivity and agility is physiologically known as the most flexible and injury-resistant state that a bodybuilder can experience. It is difficult to find a bodybuilder who will get hurt if he works. Unless there are other negative factors such as excessive exercise, unhealthy diet, or excessive weight, perform the main training session after proper stretching exercises. Therefore, some adventurous professional bodybuilders have even begun to add some strength to their core strength training. This has been found to be very beneficial for muscle mass lovers, especially for improving intermuscular fluid circulation. These internal stretches also increase the flexibility and elasticity of the muscle fascia (tissue covering) that surrounds the human muscle anatomy. If the fascia is elastic, it will absorb shocks. As the pressure increases, it will wear out. When the pressure is reduced, it can improve the hard training ability of bodybuilders without harming the muscles.

Through exercise, you can not only force exercise to accumulate more muscles but also prevent muscle injuries. Similarly, performing specific stretching exercises on the correct muscles at the end of exercise has the added benefit of eliminating almost all muscle pain, in readiness for the next training.